5 People in the Bible who Suffered from Depression

1. Elijah was depressed when Jezebel ordered for all prophets to be killed.
2. Naomi was depressed after the death of her husband and children to the point of changing her name to Mara, meaning bitter.
3. David was depressed during the sickness of his first child with Bathsheba.
4. Mordecai was depressed when he learned of Haman’s plot to kill the Jews.
5. Nehemiah was depressed upon learning that the returned exiles didn’t have a wall of protection at Jerusalem.
6. Peter was depressed after he denied Jesus.

And you thought that you were alone.  Read how they overcame.  Remember all of the great things that they are known for.  We are all more than conquerors!  God has given you the power to beat depression.

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