8 Reasons People Don't Admit that They're Depressed...

Reasons We Don’t Address Depression!

     •Christians don’t get depressed. This is a terrible misconception within the church.  Christians do get depressed when there is a breakdown in communication with God.  When we fail to pray and/or fail to trust God with our issues, depression will make every attempt to creep in.

People look at me funny.  We have the tendency to really care about how others view us.  We care what others say and do and consistently look for their approval of us.  This is a trap.  How does God view you?-That should be our greatest concern and in a very close 2nd place, How do you feel about you?  Leave people to their own thoughts that you have no control or power over.

People pretend to care.  Rejection hurts to the core, especially when we're depressed.  It hurts badly when someone pretends to care only for their own selfish wants or gain.  We must steer clear of those who are not interested in our best interests.  Pray about your relationships and stay away from those that are not good for your growth.  Evaluate how you truly feel while you're with people.  Do you feel insecure?  Are you afraid to share your thoughts?  Do you feel worse after you leave them?  Pay attention to these signs.

No one understands. One of the first emotions that can be associated with depression is loneliness.  Either we isolate ourselves from others or it feels as though we are all alone.  Sometimes even with people around, we find that our feelings are disregarded with quick phrases like, "get over it", "don't worry about it", etc.  When we feel lonely or hear terms like these, we feel that no one understands.  God understands, even Jesus was hurt when He heard that Lazarus had died.  


     •False sense of regard. The fear of someone pretending to be in your corner paralyzes some people.  For some reason, beyond my understanding, people will take advantage of your weakest moments.  No one wants a fake person in their lives and for this reason we don't talk about our depression.

     •I don’t feel depressed./Denial.  There are times when we stand in the way of our own healing because we don't admit that we've been down.  We continue to go on with life as usual and ignore the fact that we just haven't smiled in a while.  We say things like, "I'll be fine", to get us through the day.  While these statements can help us, feeling down for too long will take a toll. Pay attention to the signs.

    •Personal image.  I have fallen into this category.  You are the person that everyone looks to for help, for advice, for "the sunshine"; and now you're feeling really blue on the inside and don't want to reveal this reality.  God didn't create us to be alone and you are not a 1-man island.  It is essential to reach out for help.  Ask God who you can trust to turn to and make an immediate appointment with your therapist.  Talk to someone.

     •Am I depressed?  Hopefully, the answer is no, but if you are, get help.  Read our page Thoughts that may lead to Depression.  If you've been experiencing these feelings longer than you should, which to me is more than 2-3 days, it's time and yes, you are experiencing a depression.  Prayerfully, a mild depression, but depression varies from mild to manic/clinical.  Don't you let depression win in your life.  Admit it, seek help and conquer it! 

It's Time to Be Happy!  Don't let depression get the best of you.

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