When It's Time to Get HELP!

Do you ever experience these feelings?

¢I am sad a lot.
¢I try to be happy but it’s difficult.
¢I don’t enjoy anything.
¢I’m not sleeping like I should.
¢I feel unable to shake my unhappiness.
¢I sleep more than I should.
¢Nothing is fun.
¢Nothing makes me happy.

¢I want to be left alone.

These thoughts occupy the mind of a person who is experiencing depression.  When these thoughts linger it's time to admit that depressed thoughts are in the way of your life.  
Begin to talk to God, call/find a therapist, confide in someone quickly! You are not alone, you are not the first and you are certainly not the last person to deal with this.  Get immediate help!
Email us for prayer @ prayer@depressionnomore.care.

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