7 Steps to a Successful Week

I pray that your weekend was wonderful. I also pray that this week will be a blessing to you. It can be hard jumping back into your everyday activities so take it easy.

Here are 7 Steps to A Successful Week.

1. Pray to God about all that you need to do, big and small, and ask Him to help you to accomplish all that you need to do.
2. List what you need to accomplish this week.
3. Break down any large projects into small goals so that it doesn't overwhelm you.
4. Schedule some down time to relax. Relaxing will give your brain a chance to rejuvenate and allow creativity to flow.
5. Get your list completed! Celebrate your accomplishments.
6. Tell someone how this is working for you. Encourage someone. Hug someone. Call an old friend and catch up.
7. Thank God for all that you were able to do. Thank Him for getting you through the week and getting through each of these steps.

Psalm 37:5

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