Father, forgive me.

I sent myself down,

Into seas of depression,
Low Self-Esteem,
Exhausting my nature
Neglecting responsibilities,
Shunning values,
Ignoring self-made morals,
Falsifying happiness,
Disregarding authority.

In an effort to escape...

That which would make me,
Step into my new horizon...
Into the felicitous atmosphere that awaits me.
Where happiness in typical,
And energy is at its fullest.
Where love and gladness are perpetual,
And gratifying expressions of joy
Have been reserved especially for me.

Forgive me and restore me to:
My Vocation as a Royal Priesthood
My Office as a Prophet
My Destiny as a Conqueror
My Position as a Deliverer

Father perform it by Your Will and...
I will be COMPLETE.

April 2002

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