Not Ordinary!

I'm so thankful to serve a God Who Is not ORDINARY!  I'll admit that when I decide not to sit in a depressed state and instead choose to spend time with God, listen and allow myself to feel His love for me, I experience the AMAZING!
I'll admit it, it took a long time to get here.  I had to learn to say "NO" to depression.  I'm still learning to say no.  I'm still learning to choose God over my feelings, choose God over rejection and neglect.  I have found that there is nothing better and best of all nothing ORDINARY about how He saves the day.
God has the ability to take the most horrible situations work for my good.  He opens up doors that would otherwise be shut.  He makes a way when everyone says, "no way"!
God is not ORDINARY!  He's ExtraOrdinary!  He's Amazing!  He's Powerful, Awesome, Magnificent, Wonderful, Strong, Mighty and Loving!
I'm so glad that my God is not ORDINARY! 

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