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Be Free From Denial!

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you finally get something off of your chest?  You feel free, it's as a though a weight has been lifted up and off of you.  The same feeling can be experienced when we admit how we really feel.  Maybe you've been sad, angry, frustrated, depressed or otherwise. God wants us to come to Him, tell Him how we feel and give these feelings to Him.  The Bible instructs us to cast our cares onto Him.  We are supposed to throw these issues off of ourselves and allow God to care for us.  Don't live in denial.  Stop walking around pretending that everything is all right!  Shake yourself free from pain and anguish!  Live and Be Free from DENIAL! via Daily Prompt: Denial

My Champion!

Have you ever felt like a loser?  Have you ever gone through a time in your life when everything seemed like it was against you?   I used to consider myself the over-achiever.  Top in my classes, first to complete projects at work, youngest to get promoted, etc., and then everything changed.  I began to struggle, and I mean struggle in everything.  Struggle to cook, struggle at being a parent, forget winning the race, I was struggling to STAY in the race.   My life's plans started to elude me. I am still in this position where I no longer feel like I can win.  That's partly why I have this blog, it is a reminder to keep depression out of my life, even when things aren't going the way I'd like them to go. Do you ever want someone to jump in the wrestling ring and tag you out?  Have you ever prayed that someone would run in and SAVE you?  Do you need help right NOW?  Who can help?  Who knows what to do?  Who knows exactly what you need?  God does.  Our Heavenly Father i…