My Letter to God...Here's My Heart...

Dear God,

Today I am in a good place, for the most part.  I woke up on time, made it to work on time.  I spent time reading Your Word.  I posted on my blog and my Facebook group.  I prayed a little but You know I have a lot more praying to do.  Yesterday, I saw my Grandparents, thank You so much for that.  I spent quality time with my husband, thank You so much for that!  I was able to spend some time with each of my adult children and my nephew to speak into their lives and love on them, I truly thank You for that.

However, there are somethings that sit in the back of my mind.  I am so grateful that I can be completely honest with you and share these things.  
  1. I am concerned about my parents and grandparents.  Their overall health sits in my mind.  I've asked You to heal them and I'll ask it again.  Please heal them in their body, mind and soul.
  2. I am concerned about the unity of my family.  I confess that I had given up trying.  I don't know how to begin again and it's a burden not seeing the unification that I know we can have.
  3. I need a new church home.  My family needs the house of worship that You want for us.
  4. I am concerned about divorce and parenting issues that are on the rise as a result of failed or failing relationships.  My heart is so heavy for children of divorced and/or arguing parents.  Please help them God and bring peace and happiness to their lives.  Strengthen the parents that remain committed to raising their children, bless them with the resources needed to do the best job that they can do with love and determination.  Help and open the eyes of the parents that look for the 1st door to run out of, please show them the correct path to take.
  5. I am concerned about my adult children.  Lord, You know I pray every minute that they're out and about for their safe return home.
Father, I confess that these concerns were weighing me down!  I pushed them to the back of my mind yesterday and this morning, but I knew that had I chosen not to give them to You, they would try to overcome me.  I refuse to allow myself to become depressed by these issues, so I'm writing them to you.  Please take these issues and handle them for me, show me how to deal with them.  Tell me how these issues will work out for my good.  I trust You to handle all that I place in Your powerful hands.  I know that Your love for me outweighs all of this and so much more.
Thank you for hearing my prayer.  Today as I read Psalm 6, it reassured me that even on my lowest day, You hear my prayers.  I love you LORD God for being my God and my All!

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