Psalm 43

Have you ever needed...
Help? To be rescued? Guidance?
The Psalmist and Author of the 43 Psalm felt alone. I mean really ALONE!
The Psalmist prays to be brought into the Presence of God to worship, be thankful and offer praise. We oftentimes know where and how to find peace and comfort and here the Psalmist is honest with themselves and asks God for that place. If we could be honest enough to ask God for HIs Presence, imagine how it would help us!
My favorite part is when the author speaks to himself. 1st to his soul, soul, why are you so depressed? 2nd to his eyes and heart, look and hope in God. 3rd to his life, I WILL PRAISE GOD, He is MY GOD!
I pray that this 43rd Psalm bless you today!

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