My #WAR Story @ #sheplants Today!

My #WAR story for today! 
I learned how to put God first in my life when it came to my relationships. I was known as a girl who, "always had a man". I was proud to always meet someone's Mama. What many did not realize is that I was also unhappy. What appeared good was usually only an outward appearance. I struggled with men who were insecure and possessive. It is absolutely nerve wrecking and dangerous having stalkers in your life, not to mention what I suffered because of them. I struggled with my own insecurities and loneliness through my entire first marriage. In most of my relationships I spoke to God well after I was waist deep in quicksand. Was it all horrible? If you know me, you would say, "girl, you were happy!" Sometimes I was, but the evidence is where those relationships are today. I'm glad that they're over. How does a relationship last when you can't pray for one another? How can God bless a relationship that He's not a part of? I'm not just talking about the wedding ceremony.
Since my relationships didn't make me happy and the men that I would get involved with were different, I looked at myself. First I took 2 years and sought God. No dating, no provocative clothing, no flirting and wait for it, no sex. It was refreshing and I learned a lot after the initial 2 months of crying. 😭
I'm not perfect. I completely messed up after that and found yet another possessive person to tie me down for the next 2 years of my life. Everyone thought that he loved me too. Possessiveness is a deceptive spirit. Throughout my life, possessiveness and obsession have played the role of one pretending to love me several times. Watch the signs of someone taking up all of your time. Pay attention to a persons heart for God. It's an indication of their love for you.
I went through a lot and some off you know that I returned to my celibate state for another 3 years determined to get it right this time. Guess what? I went and got married. I wasn't looking for it but God and marriage came with this man!
God is involved in my marriage. That doesn't mean that its perfect. It means that we go to God about EVERYTHING. Yes, ladies. everything. When God is 1st, last and in the middle, there's a big difference. Take it from someone who's living a dream. God loved me while I was single to the point that I was satisfied being single. So when Justin came into my life, he became an addition. Marriage wasn't a need, it is a welcomed desire.
With all of a marriages ups and downs, God is needed to straighten our path and even out the road.
God has blessed me and my husband with love for HIM (God), and love for each other. It's the best way! God comes first.
Whatever path that you are taking I encourage you to put God 1st and let HIM work everything out in your life.
My #WAR story @ #sheplants.
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