Depression in the Bible...Simon Peter

"Follow Me"
A simple phrase was what compelled Peter to become a disciple.  The story of Simon Peter is one of the greatest illustrations of a changed life.  He was one of the boldest disciples with a life worth examining.

Early Life
Simon was born about 1 B.C. and died around A.D. 67. He was a Galilean fisherman from a village called Bethsaida.  Peter was married.  He is reportedly the first disciple called by Jesus along with his brother Andrew.

Simon Peter was a fisherman when he met Jesus.  Fishermen at that time were everything that we can imagine, rough and shabby.  We wouldn't imagine someone well-polished and refined in speech.  I can hear the conversations and believe that they weren't for the faint of heart.  Fishing is a physical occupation and required a lot of strength in Simon Peter's day.

Jesus said "follow me" and Simon Peter literally put down all of his fishing supplies, gave up his livelihood, his work, his everyday business, all of the supplies that he used for work,  what he was used to and followed. How many of us would do that?  Do we know anyone who would do this?  Jesus told him that He would make Simon Peter a fisher of men.  What a promotion?

Peter was outspoken.  Not only was he one of the first disciples, he was the first to vocally understand Jesus' identity.  He called Jesus the Son of the Living God - the Messiah.  This man who often felt unworthy completely understood who Jesus was. It was because of his understanding that Jesus named him "Peter", which means "Rock".

Peter was the first to verbally recognize who Jesus was because of his outspokenness.  He was often brash in conversations, immediately stating what came to mind without considering the consequences.  This was both good and bad.  Peter was strong and courageous.  He was bold in his actions.

How can a person with so much going for them experience and deal with depression?  We will discover this and more in the next segment of this series.

This is an introduction to the life of Simon Peter, in our series Depression in the Bible.  Stay connected to read more as we look at Simon Peter's life and the depression that he experienced and conquered.  No one needs to live depressed.

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