Move When You Hear Him!

In Luke 7:3 and 4 we read how the Centurion heard about Jesus and immediately believed in HIM and sent for Him.

How amazing would it be if we moved the moment we heard Jesus?  Where would we be in life if we moved when He spoke?

Would we still call that person our friend, even though the relationship has been over for so long? 

Would we still be at that job where there isn't a chance of growing? 

Would we still live in that town where we feel stagnant and no longer at home?

We should move quickly when we hear about God. We should believe HIM and look for Him! That's our lesson here, get moving and look for God in your situation.  God has already spoken to you.  Stop sitting still and go out to Him. 


Your faith is what will carry you. God looks at our faith in HIM. Do you believe that God will save you, heal you, bring you out of that situation? It's a new year. It's time to move quickly when we hear God.
Love you!

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