¢Prayer of Declaration:

¢We declare that we are standing on Holy Ground!  We surrender our thoughts, memories, preconceived notions, everything that we think is right to You. We lay every issue at Your altar and ask that You wash us, renew us and make us over.  We ask for a spirit of unity wherein two can chase tens of thousands.  Show us the entryway that depression used to invade our lives.  Provide us with clarity in this area.  Help us to clean that pathway and give us the strength to close that door eternally.  Bless us with the strength to close that door eternally.  Bless us with the tools to dismantle the house that depression had erected.  In Your name Jesus we break every connection to depression; fear, intolerance, unhealthy relationships, sadness, grief, despair, poverty, loneliness, isolation, and those that we have not named.  We present to You O’ God every secret sin, every secret hurt, secret disappointment, secret discouragement that was once bottled up on the inside and we give it up and trust You to do with them as You please.  It’s no longer wanted, no longer desired, we release its control over us.  It’s reign in our lives ends now! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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